Deadly Birthday Party BluRay Limited / Numbered to 100


What if your friends were lying traitors who wanted to make your life a living hell?

When Marissa discovers this brutal reality on her 18th birthday she decides to take action, longing for justice and revenge. And, she is not the only one …

A mysterious Avenger turns up in the neighbourhood. Driven by her strong longing for justice she has made it her duty to eliminate every criminal, liar and traitor in her area who is a threat to society and innocent individuals. After her deed is done, she begins to tell the tale of another avenger, who seems to be in a similar situation but whose motives are a lot different:

Marissa’s 18th birthday is coming up. Marissa’s and her guests spend a good time together, drinking and laughing. During this time, Marissa feels betrayed and she gets to know the truth about her friends. As they are getting drunk, they don’t realize that
Marissa can hear them, and she then realizes more and more how her friends are plotting behind her back. Marissa’s mood changes. She begins to hate them and starts to take revenge.
Limited Edition Numbered To 100

1080p HD
30 minutes of bonuses